Marvel Legends: Professor X & Deadpool


Hasbro Pulse has released official images of the Marvel 80 years Professor X and the Marvel 30 years Deadpool. The good news here is, when we get official images it’s only a matter time before these are in stores and in my collection!

First we have Deadpool and his sidekicks Dogpool, Squirrelpool, a Vespa , decals, swords, and a Bob: Agent of Hydra head.


Professor X has the Cerebro helmet and a Shadow King. Of course, the main attraction, the hoverchair. It’s a little odd Hasbro decided to cut the hoverchair completely in half for packaging purposes but it doesn’t make me need it any less. Finally we see the chair cushions and the hover effect.


Keep a lookout in early for 2019 for these guys to hit the shelves.

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