Mezco One:12 Iron Man Model 42


Iron Man Armor Model 42 by Mezco Toyz

Ok, I have to say that I’m a big Mezco Toyz fan when it comes to these One:12 scale collectibles that they’re putting out. The high end quality, sculpts, designs, paint applications, customer service…blah blah blah, It’s all good! These factors listed above are what sold me on collecting these pint size beauties. But fuck Mezco, do we really need another “exclusive” color, variant addition, fall preview, winter preview, con exclusive, “I’m late on shipping but here’s another color” exclusive or whatever you wanna call it??

Mezco-iron-man-42-addition-7 - Copy.Jpg

I get it, let’s create demand for these items. Limit shipping numbers, keep the value high, don’t flood the market but what I ask is please, how about you just ship the first One:12 Iron Man that was released for pre-order over a year ago and supposedly had a shipped date of July, then September and now just Fall 2018.

Yes, I’m that fanboy on his soap box right now but when I heard this news yesterday I flipped. I have waited patiently for Iron Man to ship only to watch our shipping date slowly creep up and up and to only be treated with images of new exclusive colors or “insert tagline” editions. This practice isn’t new to Mezco. I’m sure there might be other factors that slow down production too such as model rendering, design, licensing, contracts, greed..but come on. Just update this nerd from time to time. That brand you built can easily be tarnished and eventually be the companies own demise.

Mezco-iron-man-42-addition - Copy.Jpg

OK, so I know my rant has as many holes in it as Hulk’s underwear and I could write about this for another hour but honestly, it’s not going to change. Well, unless us fanboys stop We know that’s not going to happen! Just look at the colors on the new Iron Man below! SMH.

The New Iron Man: Model 42

The One:12 Collective Iron Man: Armor Model 42 Edition features a light-up function that illuminates Iron Man’s arc reactor, the source of his power. Designed with real metal components, the armored Avenger’s comes equipped with a range of booster and blast effects, including a chest beam repulsor that lights up when attached to the arc reactor.

Powered by numerous Repulsor Tech cores, the Armor Model 42 was developed by Tony Stark initially for testing new technological developments but was later upgraded for battle. Featuring modular abilities and new A.I., the Armor Model 42 adds to Stark’s impressive armory of Iron Man suits.

So what do you think? Is this one a must have or are you still waiting on your first edition Iron Man to ship too? I know this will be one awesome figure when we finally have it in hand so let’s hope they are shipping out Fall of 2018. Good luck getting you hands on one of these. Pre-order is now closed so you gotta join the waitlist. Until next time, keep up the good hunt and collect on!

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