#NYCC 2018 Star Wars Reveals

Star Wars Reveals Black Series, Resistance and Vintage Card figures.

Let’s keep this NYCC reveal train rolling!! Hasbro and Star Wars have came to reveal toys and chew bubblegum, and they are all out of bubble gum…

Alright Star Wars fans, it’s our time to shine with new Black Series, Star Wars Resistance and Vintage Card Back figures. Take a look at the images below. We have a plethora of new figures coming that should keep your wallet busy for awhile.

Honestly, I’m not that big fan of the recent 3.75”, 5 points of articulation style figure that Hasbro has adopted BUT these new characters from Star Wars Resistance look pretty interesting. I’m excited to see where this is going and how it develops.

Next, we have a few more characters getting the Vintage Card Back look. I’m sucker for these mainly for nostalgia but you have to admit. These look beautiful.

Roll out the red carpet! The almighty Star Wars Black Series has arrived and bringing with them some sweet ass reveals! Yes, we finally get our General Grievous but my heart is set on General Kenobi from the animated series The Clone Wars. Out right great design and sculpts!

After you pick yourself up off the floor from excitement, let us know what you think. Which ones will you be after or which ones will you let slide by? Until next time, keep up the good hunt and collect on!

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