G1 Reissue Soundwave & Condor Cassette Buzzsaw Revealed!

Soundwave and Buzzsaw get the G1 Reissue Touch.

35th Anniversary Begins As G1 Reissue Soundwave & Condor Cassette Buzzsaw Revealed__scaled_600.jpg

Our friends over at  In Demand Toys has posted the first image of Reissue Soundwave with "Condor Cassette: Buzzsaw," on their Facebook Page.

Soundwave is technically recreated from the original tooling, if previous reissues are any indicator... but you'll still notice a minor difference from your G1 Soundwave. When the character was recreated as New Soundwave Soundblaster during the 1987 Japan-exclusive Transformers: The Headmasters, the mold was modified to incorporate a slightly different door mechanism that could accommodate Soundblaster's 2-tape capacity. And thus has it been ever since. So it's a modification, but a vintage one, if that makes you feel any better! Thanks to Tformers.com for the information.

In Demand Toys mentions that preorders will begin "soon." I hope we see Soundwave hit Walmart shelves like his other G1 reissue counterparts.

I personally feel like collectors alike will snatch up this Soundwave reissue a lot faster that our Autobot Leader Optimus Prime. I love Optimus, don’t get me wrong, I just think he’s seen a lot more shelf time and constant reissues of reissues than Soundwave has. I’d keep a close eye on In Demand Toys facebook page for a chance to get this pre-ordered before it sells out. Or , if you’re like me, you enjoy the hunt. In that case, I suggest make friends with an Walmart employee or 5. It doesn’t hurt. ;-)

Check back here later for more details and till next time, keep up the good hunt and collect on Transformer fans!

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Transformers Reissue G1 Devastator

Transformers Reissue G1 Devastator GI Reissue

Back in July of 2018 the internet was flooded with announcements that Walmart was going old school with exclusive reissue G1 Transformers. Yeah, that’s right! Well one month later and Walmart opened up the pre-order door for these robots in disguise. Walmart announced that the first wave of Transformers getting the Wally-World G1 reissue treatment would be Hot Rod, Starscream, Constructicons (Devastator), Legion Class Tailgate, Legion Class Swerve, Legion Class Outback and Legion Class Bumblebee.

IMG_3319 1.JPG

So why am I telling you this? Well it’s come to my attention that consumers are receiving their pre-ordered items and or finding them in stores across the western part of the U.S. and in Canada. With my love for Transformers in high gear and especially my love for the Constructicons, I thought I’d share product pictures from people lucky enough to have this in their collection and for this article, we’ll stick to the Constructicons.

For people concerned about the label “reissued G1” and the product authenticity don’t get your gears in a bind. Transformer reissues were made using “the original production tooling including die-cast parts and even the classic heat-sensitive stickers.” Remember, you had to rub the sticker on the transformers to find out if it was a spy? The heat from rubbing would reveal their Autobot or Decepticon badge.

IMG_3331 1.JPG
IMG_3318 1.JPG

The package too is getting the reissue G1 touch and oh has it never looked so damn good. Bright colors, crisp and sharp to the eye. The packaging itself is something to marvel over and definitely deserves a place among your collection, displaying in all its glory.

IMG_3328 1.JPG

So that’s it. These beautiful reissues pieces stay true to authenticity with both sculpt and packaging. What else can a Transformer collector ask for beside the original product piece that was lucky enough to get the reissue makeover. If you ask me, I like this idea. Now, there is no need to hunt swap meets, yard sales and flea markets for that constructicon with flaky chrome, a chewed up hand and dry coca cola from 1988. Now enjoy these pictures below. If you excuse me, I need to go hunt Ebay for hours upon hours and find me that Devastator.

Until next time. Keep up the good hunt and collect on!

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Fan Expo Canada: New Marvel Legends Revealed.

Fan Expo Canada: New Marvel Legends Revealed.

Coming 2019: More Marvel Legends Revealed! 

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